Why You Should Choose a Water Saving Toilet

by Chelsea Oliver 20th June 2018











Water Saving Toilet


Did you know that a standard toilet uses approximately 14 liters of water per flush? In the United Kingdom, toilet flushing accounts for a whopping ⅓ of household water use! Here’s a rundown of today’s water saving models and why they’re great.


Dual Flush Toilet

A high efficiency toilet (HET), or water saving toilet, that conserves water by offering two separate toilet flush volumes – low for liquids and full for solids. This lets you choose how much water to use at each bathroom visit.


Low Consumption Toilet

Low consumption toilet models are designed to flush using less than 6 liters of water. Great for reducing your household’s overall bathroom water usage, they are also called low flush toilets.


Pressure Assisted Toilet

These toilets operate using compressed air, which removes more waste products when flushed. The air is compressed as water enters the toilet cistern, which means that pumps and additional devices are not needed.


Did you choose a water saving toilet for your home or business? Why or why not?

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20th June 2018 12:00 am.
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