Guide to Shower Enclosures

by Chelsea Oliver 4th April 2017

yabsta plumbers guide to shower enclosures united kingdom


Building your dream home, or renovating your bathroom? A stylish and functional shower enclosure should be at the top of your list! Read on to discover the features and benefits of a wide range of models, from bi-fold to sliding, pivot and steam cabin.




Doors fold in half, opening inwards.


Features and Benefits

  • Available in a range of shapes and sizes
  • Ideal for small bathrooms


Corner Entry


A shower enclosure with two sliding doors that allows entry through the corner.


Features and Benefits

  • Simple to use
  • Unique design




Framed shower enclosures commonly feature a frame made of composite or aluminum surrounding sheets of glass. The metal on this type of enclosure surrounds the operable part of the enclosure as well as the top, sides, bottom and joints.


Features and Benefits

  • Very effective at preventing leaks
  • Often less expensive than frameless enclosures
  • Decorative glass options available




The door and walls of a frameless shower enclosure are made entirely of glass, with the door affixed to a set of hinges or pivots. These models are often entirely free of metal, though some incorporate metal at the bottom and/or edges.


Features and Benefits

  • Modern and contemporary style
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain




Pivot shower enclosures, also called hinged, have doors that open outwards.


Features and Benefits

  • No track at the bottom of the door
  • Ideal for those with mobility issues, as the opening can be designed larger
  • Both economical and luxury models available




An enclosure with doors that slide side to side, along a track at the bottom. Door typically slides open to the left, and closes to the right.


Features and Benefits

  • Models with two doors allow easy access to both sides of the enclosure
  • Saves space in small bathrooms
  • Simple to operate


Steam Cabin


An enclosure that is vapor tight and equipped with a humidifying steam generator, which produces water vapor, or steam. Most steam showers also feature a regular showerhead and controls.


Features and Benefits

  • Equipment is available that can give steam capabilities to a conventional shower
  • Designed to prevent water damage to surrounding walls, paint, etc
  • Basic models fit the space of a conventional bathtub/shower unit




An alternative to traditional versions, quadrant shower enclosures are curved and designed to fit into the corner of a bathroom.


Features and Benefits

  • Contemporary look and design
  • Maximises space in a bathroom
  • “D” shaped enclosures also available




A shower enclosure that has no doors and features a screen, or screens, that takes up the

same amount of space as a bath. They are often made of curved glass.


Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • A wide range of sizes and styles are available
  • Saves space

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4th April 2017 12:00 am.
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