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by Chelsea Oliver 3rd April 2017

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Choosing the right type of tub for your bathroom can be tricky, but Yabsta is here to help! Considerations should include budget, space and purpose - are you looking for a stunning centerpiece, or a bath best suited to bathing rowdy children? To find out what’s best for you, read on to discover the features and benefits of models commonly found here in the U.K.


Cast Iron


Made of cast iron, these tubs are typically freestanding or roll top models. Stylish in a more traditional sense, cast iron tubs are durable and deep, which allows for comfortable bathing.


Features and Benefits

  • Typically feature a rounded edge, which adds comfort for bathing and getting in and out of the tub
  • Long lasting material
  • Scratch and dent resistant




Popular in the U.K., corner baths are a great choice of smaller bathrooms. Both triangular and offset corner models are available. These tubs save space, allowing more room for storage space or that special sink you have your eye on.


Features and Benefits

  • Maximize floor space
  • Use less wall space
  • Provide seating space


Double Ended


This model has the taps and waste fitted to either the centre of the tub or the wall above it. There is enough room for two to bathe, as this positioning allows each typically identical end to slope slightly.


Features and Benefits

  • Suit taller individuals
  • Positioning of taps prevents contact with feet
  • Provide extra space




A freestanding tub, also called a roll top tub, has feet! Great for spacious bathrooms, they offer a luxurious and dramatic look and feel. Freestanding tubs come in a range of models, including double-ended, which provides enough room for two to bathe comfortably, and single-ended, which can be positioned with one end against a wall.


Features and Benefits

  • Fantastic focal point
  • Variety in models and materials




Inset tubs fit into a three-wall recess and are also referred to as alcove tubs. Gaining in popularity, these tubs can be concealed, providing a unique stylishness.


Features and Benefits

  • Integral apron makes for easy installation
  • Best suited to larger bathrooms




Whether you need a quick rinse off or a long, hot soak, a shower tub gives you the best of both worlds. Typically shaped as a “P” or an “L,” these models allow for the installation of a shower screen, which keeps the bathroom dry.


Features and Benefits


  • Ideal for households with multiple people, particularly adults and children


  • Save space and money, compared to having both a tub and a shower
  • Boost home resale value


Single Ended


The taps and waste of a single ended tub are situated at one end, which is typically straight. In most models, the opposite end is sloped for bathing comfort.


Features and Benefits

  • Best for single individuals
  • Ideal for bath showers utilizing a mixer valve, which can be easily affixed to the wall above the taps




A classic option, standard baths are rectangular in shape and often made of acrylic.


Features and Benefits

  • Available in different materials
  • Inexpensive




Fashioned from a less than common material (when it comes to bathrooms), a steel tub is quite heavy and requires several people to install. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, these tubs are known to last a lifetime.


Features and Benefits

  • Different enamel types available
  • Highly durable
  • Scratch resistant




A whirlpool tub is the ultimate in luxury! Once only found in upscale hotels and similar locations, in recent years these tubs have become more affordable. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit any property or bathroom.


Features and Benefits

  • Great for body aches and pains
  • Stylish and modern
  • Available in different materials, including composite
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