The Top 10 Plumbing Tools To Have at Home

by Chelsea Oliver 17th February 2017

top 10 plumbing tools to have at home


If you’re going the do-it-yourself route, you need the right tools for the job! Whether you’re replacing your kitchen faucet, repairing a leak or installing a towel radiator, the right wrench or pair of pliers can mean the difference between a fix-it failure or DIY success. Read on for 10 of the top plumbing tools to have on hand at home.


Adjustable Pipe Wrench

Highly recognizable, the adjustable pipe wrench is ideal for turning pipes and fittings with rounded surfaces. Providing solid leverage, it features toothed jaws that are incredibly useful for removing a rounded nut or a stuck pipe, and more.


Allen Keys (Hex Keys)

Allen keys, also called hex keys, are used for attaching and removing ahex grub screws, which are used to hold on many shower heads and taps. They’re a key tool for every plumber!


Basin Wrench

Unique in use and appearance, a basin wrench is used for tightening and loosening the nuts that hold a sink faucet in place. It features a swiveling jaw, long shaft and is ideal for reaching into that narrow space behind a sink.


Pipe Cutters

Also referred to as a pipe splice, automatic pipe cutter and single handed pipe cutter, pipe cutters can easily cut through many different types of pipe. Quicker and cleaner than a hacksaw, they are efficient in small spaces.


Adjustable Spanners

Available in a range of sizes, adjustable spanners are used for turning bolts and bolts, tightening compression joints and more. Once set, the jaws of an adjustable spanner will remain set at that width.


Drain Auger

This useful tool is hand operated and features a long, flexible steel cable. It is used for clearing blockages from drains, including in sinks, tubs and drain lines, as well as toilets.



Ideal for cutting through hardware, metal and plastic pipe, nuts, bolts and more, a hacksaw will prove itself handy time and time again. Aim for high quality and be sure to stock extra blades.



Often called a plumber’s best friend, a plunger is a simple plumbing tool used for dislodging clogs. Suitable for toilets, showers, sinks, floor drains and more, you must create a seal around the drain and pull upward, sucking the clog out.


Slip Joint Pliers (Groove Joint Pliers)

Via a pivot point, or fulcrum, the size range of a pair of slip joint pliers’ toothed jaws is adjustable. Useful in a wide range of settings, this tool excels at both gripping and holding.


Locking Pliers (Mole Grips)

Locking pliers are used for gripping and holding items such as nuts, bolts and other workpieces. They feature a locking mechanism that holds the workpiece securely, allowing the user to utilize both hands.

What’s in your toolbox? Let us know in the comments!

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17th February 2017 12:00 am.
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