Types of Boilers: Combi, Conventional & System Boiler

by Chelsea Oliver 16th February 2017

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A boiler is a hot water tank that heats water and turns it into steam. Typically a power source for hot water systems and radiators, your home, budget and lifestyle are important factors to keep in mind when choosing a model. Read on to discover the ins and outs of combi, regular and system boilers.


Combi Boiler


The most popular choice of boiler in the United Kingdom, the combi boiler is a combination high-efficiency water heater and central heating boiler that has a range of benefits. An economical choice, it heats water straight from the mains and only heats the water you use. It does not require a hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank, which is great for saving space. Depending on your water pressure, using more than one tap at once can reduce hot water flow. Combi boilers are both cost-effective and energy-efficient.


Regular (Conventional) Boiler


A regular (or conventional) boiler is also called a heat-only boiler. A regular boiler comes with a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank, sending hot water to both the hot water cylinder and the radiators. Ideal for larger homes with more than one bathroom, a regular boiler sends water to a number of taps without compromising the water flow. It requires more space than other models and, once the cylinder empties, you must wait until it heats up again for more hot water. For homes with older radiator systems, a regular boiler is often recommended for replacement. Eco-friendly and low-energy, regular boilers are compatible with solar water heating systems.  


System Boiler


A system boiler heats a central heating system directly, pumping hot water to the radiators and  open-vented or pressurised unvented hot water cylinder. It differs from a conventional boiler because many of its individual components are built into the boiler itself, increasing efficiency. System boilers are quick, easy to install and ideal for homes with two or more bathrooms. They do not require a feed and expansion cistern and operational is economical.


When it comes to boilers, it’s important to make the right decision. Factors such as type, size, construction and more can impact both your home and your energy bills - either for better, or for worse. To find a heating specialist in your area, please click here


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